In a search assignment confidentiality is conditio sine qua non. It protects the privacy of both customer and candidate and is a guarantee for our reputation. At Van Steenbrugge & Associates confidentiality comes first. Because we are a completely independent company, we have control over the information flow at all times. All matters are handled with extreme discretion. Our vision is long-term. As a principle, conflicts of interest are avoided or are openly discussed with the customer. Thanks to their extensive experience our researchers are very much aware of the fragility of the concepts "confidentiality" and "company reputation". That is why both are treated with the utmost respect. Van Steenbrugge & Associates operates according to the Executive Search Code of Ethics. What does this imply? Contracts are specified and offer confidentiality and objectivity because the fee is independent of the recruitment of a specific individual. Moreover, customers are off-limits for two years. Continuous feedback towards customer and candidate engenders trust and satisfaction, and search profiles can easily be adjusted.