There is a difference when choosing Van Steenbrugge & Associates. It combines the best of both worlds: a combination of flexibility and quality that makes the difference between success and failure in today's fastpaced market, teamed up with the international reach and base of larger multinational recruitment organisations. Right away it can be noticed in our different approach that is always very personal. Your contact with Van Steenbrugge & Associates will remain consistent throughout the complete search process making it easy for you to receive prompt and knowledgeable answers to your questions and to remain up-to-speed on the latest trends and information. This alliance makes a reorientation of a profile during the search very simple without causing financial repercussions. it strengthens our belief in creating true partnerships with our customers and allows us to build a real team for your company. Van Steenbrugge & Associates offers its customers executive search solutions, human resource and business development services of the highest level. Our mission aims at a quality approach in wich effective placement and follow-up matter more than resumÄ traffic. We deliberately keep our client base restricted to better offer highly personalised customer service. Our Pan-European contacts allow for every assignment to be executed in the local language and with respect for the regional culture. At Van Steenbrugge & Associates we work closely together with our customers to get an up-close taste of the organisational style, the atmosphere and the needs, in short the company culture.